Here you’ll find interesting cases of eye conditions along with news and developments in the ophthalmology world.

Cases are presented as an initial image with history and examination. Health practitioners are encouraged to deduce the condition, before further investigations, diagnosis and management are presented.

We hope you find it as educational, informative and exciting as we do!

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Colour photograph of the right eye at presentation demonstrating a multilayered haemorrhage and hard exudate involving the macula.

Case 43

A 72-year-old woman was referred with acute painless vision loss in her right eye.

Colour fundus photograph shows pallor of the right retina with a cherry red spot at the macula.

Case 9

A 76-year-old man was referred with acute painless visual loss in his right eye.

Colour fundus photography of the left eye shows four quadrant intraretinal haemorrhages and engorgement of the retinal veins. There is a patch of white retina adjacent to the optic nerve.

Case 3

A 37-year-old lady was referred with acute painless left vision loss

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